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Group NameI played a rogue in wow classic gold
DescriptionA note about the armour debuffs, I played a rogue in wow classic gold vanilla half way through naxx40, and I can confirm that sunder armour and expose armour did NOT pile, expose armour up overwrote sunder, and was consequently NEVER used, unless you were performing 5 mans and had a druid tank, or you had been PvPing, expose armour to a 5p cold blood eviscerate was a yummy stuff.If you played on an actual vanilla server which isn't Northdale which is a horrible server because overpopulation makes the neighborhood NOTHING like what WoW Classic was back then you'd know the Dragon Buff stuff wasn't like that anyhow. Imagine playing a server with constant individuals online how dumb do you have to be? And then going on about no black Lotus could be how awful! Just how different" When you forget that Northdale has 10x the population a standard server from Blizzard will possess you complete retard.
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Rskingdom posted a discussion topic " We've already mentioned the coming of Dofus Kamas" in the group I played a rogue in wow classic gold

We've already mentioned the coming of Dofus Kamas a narrative arc that was new. It's time to inform you more!

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