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Group NameBreezespringMadden 23 should be a far better match than 20
DescriptionMadden 23 should be a far better match than 20. The people who go on and on about Madden being the exact same game every season are being drama queens. If you want to paint with a broad brush yes, Madden is basically the exact same game. You call also say the NFL is the exact same every year and there's no purpose and watching it once you have already seen it annually since"it is the same game every year." 11 people on the field, quarterback throws the ball, touchdown is 6 points, same theories with slight changes every year, etc.. Madden won't change much in the core since football doesn't change considerably from year to year.

However there are lots of changes which make getting new Maddens a good alternative. Madden 19 did not have RPOs, several years back they didn't have match policy. Madden 23 they are refining RPOs, allegedly fixed AI coverage reacting to moves they can not see, enhanced usering on defense to make it even more realistic, fixed the two handed heritage zone chucks on routes, tweaked some abilities which were overpowered, slip screens will be viable as they've put work to preventing the running straight from getting stuck and how obstructing vs speed of their rush work, quite a few other improvements to the passing game, fixed some run fits for the force defender (we'll see how this really goes) and the cutback defender, and also fixed contain blitzes so they don't get those free shots in the quarterback.

Are there things which fixed and can be improved? Yes. I would like to see them perform a lot of work but it appears that that will not happen. There are many books out there which are pieces of crap that don't have variations or notion replicate of the same idea. Then are a lot of the design playbooks which are just elaborate crap using a whole lot of things you'll never use and won't work. Even some of the better constructed playbooks like Arizona could still use concept overlap between formations. Both of it is shotgun 2x2 sets do not have y sail which is one of those foundation plays along with the screen match is lacking to mention several issues.
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