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Group NameWorm. See the complete list of the new NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 4 cards below
DescriptionThe five-time NBA champion and Hall of Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman leads the way in Hunt 4 Glory camouflage packs with his new Galaxy Opal items. Not only does he offer the standard edition Camo card but also one to be an integral part of the NBA 75th anniversary group.

Rodman's card includes 88 Offense and 99 Defense for the forward who stands 6 feet 7 inches. His top strengths are 98 Stamina and 95 Strength as well as the 93 speed. His rebounding and defensive abilities also stand out including Block 98, Steal 97, 97 Help Defense IQ and 98s rebounding.

He also earns thirty Gold and fifteen Hall of Fame Badges. The Hall of Fame selections include a variety of defensive badges like Clamps, Hustler, Pogo Stick and, of course, Worm. See the complete list of the new NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 4 cards below:

The tweet from 2K MyTeam's twitter: "Existing defensive stars in MyTEAM will also be available as packs such as GO Klay, PD Kawhi, PD Butler, PD Jerry West, Diamond MJ and Diamond Pippen."

Packs cost $7500 Virtual Currency which is 10,500 MT in five-card packs. A 10-pack box will cost 67,500 VC in comparison to 20-pack boxes are 135,000 VC. Remember, there's no Deluxe pack currently, so this is the only chance to grab a brand-new Camo player.

If you're an MyTeam regular , or perhaps a slight acquaintance of this style which you go by for a chat from time time, you know that everything is now done according to the tempo of the seasons. It's a month and a half long, taking into account a worn-out design for a variety of games. It was the case that previous seasons, the 2022 edition, the 3, had an extremely rational theme for Christmas and winter.

Leaving ice to settle in the menus and on certain cards, such as some cards, like the Iced Out and Cryo Genesis series. Christmas being synonymous with gifts, 2K released daily rewards and challenges packed in new cards as well as the safe locker code which guarantees a decent Pink Diamond card (Bird 96 for example).).

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