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Group Name That might be my own doing
DescriptionAfter two hours speak with Oldak to tell find out that the tree is, well, behaving strangely. Attempt to cut it down and a level 113 Tree Spirit will appear. This one uses melee, earth blast, and bind spells, since you made it so powerful together with your fertilizer. When it's dead, you may use this Dramen Tree as if you would the one on Entrana. Bring a Dramen Staff to Oldak and He'll suggest a trip to Yubiusk. Accept.

In Yubiusk, go to the giant box thingy. Oldak will utilize a slayer gem with it, and an ethereal Zanik will appear. Whu...? [insert title here]! How can you. . Are you dead? No, I understand that. I'm trapped in some sort of dimension. Bandos is hoping to kill me I think. Why hasn't he succeeded?

That might be my own doing. I am Sanfew. Wait, you understand me, I'm [insert title here] oh hello. Just how are you here? I'm not, I am just here in astral form. No. I can shield your buddy from Bandos' rage, but I can't free her. Perhaps you can. You will need to break open this thing first though, then you'd want to drive her out.

Sanfew: Well, I am not sure how you would open the sarcophogas. Only the elite Bandos followers can do that. But to force your buddy out, you might find an item of hers, take it into an obelisk and create a summoning pouch of her. Then you just summon her. Oh, and you'll need to give her a particular potion so she won't just disappear after a few minutes. I'm perplexed.

Meet with me in Taverly. I'll explain more. Proceed to Taverly and ask Sanfew about your encounter with him. He will explain that to finally free Zanik, you have to open the box thing, summon her with a pouch, then use a potion on her she does not disappear like nearly all of your other familiars.

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