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Group NameIf Madden nfl 23 and its cover star have been made public
DescriptionIf Madden nfl 23 and its cover star have been made public, it's going be time to get down to the down-to-earth. It's a safe bet that there are going to be several dark horse running backs that are in this batch. Backs who no one was paying attention to when they were looking for players to play or trade for or fill in their Madden Ultimate Team with. They're not likely to become the main player however they might be quite fun to play in a well-constructed dynasty.

Travis Etienne Joins Madden nfl 23

Madden nfl 23 might have already broken one of its longest-standing traditions, but when the game is finally set to get unveiled and arrives as a matter of fact, it's likely that Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Travis Etienne could become a big star in the game. The last time the draft was held that was held, the most attention to the Jags is on who they picked as quarterback. The other pick in the first round, Etienne could be the person who steals the show. In the four seasons he played in the NCAA Division I program at Clemson, Etienne was 50 yards short of 5.000 total yards rushing, while scoring 70 touchdowns. He also threw 152 passes for 1.155 yards and another eight TDs. He's certainly interesting to see in Madden.

Najee Harris Wants to Show Something in Madden nfl 23

Travis Etienne isn't the only first-round draft pick who could make some noise when it comes to Madden nfl 23 player ratings. Najee Harris became the first player drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers and it's a certain that he'll be given the starting job on the field and in the video game world.Harris was not able to enjoy the same kind of career as Etienne but he did make waves on the scene after his final two seasons with Alabama. In 2021. He rushed for 1.466 as well as a whopping 26 touchdowns while also catching 44 passes that added 425 yards, and four touchdowns. Steelers fans will likely be hoping he's the next Le'Veon Bell. If he is it, he'll be a hell of a player in Madden nfl 23.

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