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You could find WOW Classic considerably
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Posted 05:23 AM Friday, May 22, 2020   [ quote ]

So let me start off by mentioning for many functions you need to consider me a new one considering last time I played with when cataclysm came out although am a returning player. So coming back to it I wish to get the full most narrative as possible ( yes am one of those people) for this being said is the only way for me to get the original story would be to play with WOW Classic?

You could find WOW Classic considerably nearer since they have made QoL improvements. HOWEVER... Considering that WOW Classic does not insure Burning Crusade and beyond, the experience is much much much slower. Think about taking a vacation to a rural town. Everything takes things are slowed down, there's not a bunch of rush for people/NPCs for you what you need.

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