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Can the jammer be controlled remotely?
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Posted 07:01 AM Monday, February 24, 2020   [ quote ]

In the field of mobile communications, a gps blocker is a device that blocks transmissions by creating interference. The jammer emits signals in the same frequency range that cell phones uses, and within the range of a jammer a cellphone user may lose their signal. Jammers are usually undetectable, and users may experience minimal effects such as poor signal reception. Jamming devices may be used in any location but are typically deployed where cellphone use may be disruptive, such as in libraries and restaurants.

Simply put, they emit random static or noise on a sweeping range of frequencies, strong enough that a wifi blocker device closeby cannot connect to what it supposed to. Kind of like being beside a running car engine, with the hood open, while trying to talk to someone on the phone. The local noise becomes overpowering so the device can’t make its usual connection. By quickly covering a range of frequencies, they effectively block a device from operating normally.

In order to control the activity of the cell phone signal jammer in a given area, an established configuration is designed. This is comparable to building a fence. However, instead of placing messages and fences at a physical boundary, the communication control hardware is deployed. Options may include a managed access feature in which cellular communications may be allowed and denied based on operator authorization.

The IJS can operate remotely using ON / OFF switching. If the cell phone blocker components are in buildings or areas away from the control unit, activation of the remote control can operate the cellular jammer remotely.

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