wordtutor.com provides the facilities to develop and mange vocabulary in foreign languages.

Develop Vocabulary
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Wordtutor provides the facilities to Develop Vocabulary in different languages and you can get help from friends and can share your vocabulary lists with friends as well as publicly.

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wordtutor provides the facilities to develop vocabulary and also give the facilities to get help from publicly shared vocabularies. you can get help from friends to develop or built your own vocabulary in different languages i.e. English vs Picture, English vs German, German vs Picture and so on. Wordtutor also provides vocabulary trainer. The vocabulary quiz section provides different techniques to learn your developed vocabulary to different level of learning.
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I am a graduate student and want to learn different foreign languages. I was in search to find a site to develop my vocabulary in foreign languages and finally find wordtutor.com, which provides the facilities to develop your vocabulary in foreign languages and vocabulary trainer .i.e. Vocabulary Quiz Section, to learn your developed vocabulary lists to different level of learning.
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yes it provides the best approach to develop vocabulary in different languages and the vocabulary trainer trains the vocabulary to learn the vocabulary.
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I really appreciate this process of learning.
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